Share knowledge

Share knowledge

Share the knowledge of your experts with other technicians.

Boost productivity

Boost productivity

Boost the productivity of your technicians and get the problems solved fastly.

Top-notch support

Top-notch support

Provide top-notch support and reduce costs using innovative technologies.

Record the assistance

Record the assistance

Record your assistance events to provide future training material.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Don’t use expensive and “hard to use” hardware, just equip your technicians with standard mobile devices.

Callsensei Medical
Callsensei Medical

Industries / Use cases

Callsensei is suitable for different sectors


Doctors and nurses can easily ask for an expert second opinion.

Patients can be tracked remotely by doctors

Remote assistance can be scaled and efficiently delivered in catastrophes.

Doctors can ask for assistance when they have to interpret a protocol.


Maintenance teams can ask for clarification in complex tasks so that machine downtime can be reduced.

Automate inspection procedures and use OTG cameras.


Provide fast and reliable diagnostics guiding your staff in field mechanics.

Maintain easily your fleet of vehicles scaling complex mechanical breakdowns.


Equip your maintenance team with a powerful yet simple tool to support them whenever they need it across all the facilities.

Use Callsensei to communicate and receive real-time assistance from your providers in maintenance operations.

Callsensei technology has been applied in combination with 5G connection to conduct the first endoscopic surgery assisted remotely

  • Realtime remote assistance from experts all around the world.
  • Fully integration with medical devices providing contextual information like vital signs of the patient and surgery parameters (coagulation)
  • Video recording for future educational training.

Scale your expert assistance and
support with Callsensei

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